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The color lead is pencil's one kind, the primary data is the graphite. The manufacture process may divide into technological processes and so on pencil board, lead, lead penstock, end product decoration. The pencil board processing elucidates, the interruption the log, the root saws the solution becomes the log, after the menses heat treatment, through the lath cutter slivers the pencil board. Enters the different color clay in graphite Riga, in addition the clay proportion is different, the pencil lead degree of hardness which produces is also different, the color is also different. After making the colored lead, then puts in the pencil board, has become the color lead.

The crayon (BEROL EAGLECOLOR) is the tintage tool which one kind very easy to grasp, draws the effect as well as the appearance are similar to the pencil. Under the crayon and the water color or the greasepaint compare, receives the source material extremely and mixes the color change the limit.

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